Connecting you

to a better life.

From the second you walk in your door to when you turn the lights out at night, your interactions with your home should be seamless and second nature. Together, with you and your qualified team of builders, architects and interior designers, Boreal will help you create your dream home. A home that understands your habits and adapts to your lifestyle—whether you’re a party animal, homebody or world traveller. 

Boreal can provide you the perfect home automation solution. Just connect with us today to get a consultation.

Smart Home Automation

Let us help you connect with your home, so you can control every aspect of it.



A great network is the foundation of every Boreal connected home. Installing a network that is fast, stable and secure ensures that you stay connected to your home and the world.

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With smart lighting the possibilities are endless! Set the mood for a romantic evening, turn off all the lights in the house from the comfort of your bed, match the colours of your man cave to your favourite sports team and put on a dazzling light show when they score! You can even have your house greet you with an inviting porch light when you pull in the driveway, no more fumbling in the dark for a light switch.

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Whether you are looking for an immersive television watching experience or your favourite music in every room, Boreal has you covered with easy to use affordable multi room audio and video solutions.

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The temperature you want when you want it. With customizable temperature zones you can wake up to a warm house or cue the ac during your long commute home. Smart heating and cooling is energy efficient and saves you money with occupancy sensing technology and easy to use scheduling.

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Peace of mind is priceless. Make sure your valuables and your loved ones are safe with security features you can access anytime, anywhere like: video doorbell, cameras, smart door locks, and motion sensors.

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Home Automation

Home automation is the way of the future. From voice activated lights, to security to shades, we can set up your whole home to make your life easy.

Motorized Shades

Motorized shades move with your life. Set them to open as you wake up in the morning, and close as the sun goes down. Or use your smart phone to close them when it’s movie time in your living room.

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