Jordan Forsythe

Meet Jordan, the driving force behind Boreal. Growing up with limited television access in the country, he became obsessed with the technology behind it. He was even known to crawl onto the roof of his house to fix the antenna, just to watch one more episode of the Flintstones before it flickered out of sight. Luckily his ongoing love for electronics has grown into more than a dangerous hobby of scaling roofs (although he still has to crawl inside the odd attic or two).

He now focuses on delighting customers with beautiful, entertaining rooms to enjoy day and night, as well as helping them feel safe and secure at the same time. And with ongoing customer support, Jordan is ready and willing to help with any problems you may have. Luckily there are few TV antennas out there anymore for him to fuss with, as most issues can be fixed remotely. Hooray for new technology!

If you want to take your home to the next level of tech to wow yourself and your friends, please give Jordan a call. He would love to hear from you.



Favourite things include:

Outdoor Recreation
Dungeons and Dragons
Anything Tech

Christy Forsythe

Say hello to Christy. She is the graphic designer and marketing director behind Boreal. Since she was young she was a designer without even knowing it. She designed birthday cards for her friends on her Commodor 64, and business cards for her parents on an ancient PC. That passion has only continued to grow – into a devotion and talent for impeccable design and moving work. Jordan is lucky to have her as a wife — she makes him and Boreal look good!

Christy and Jordan have two beautiful daughters. The oldest loves talking about televisions and “the Google”.  As a family they love to spend as much time as they can in the outdoors – camping, fishing and hiking. And when the kids are asleep, Christy is also avid exercise nut, woodworker, baker, knitter, gardener and overall “baba”.


View her design website at christyforsythe.com

Favourite things include:

Outdoorsy Stuff
Dungeons and Dragons
Graphic Design

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