Donsdale • A Complete Renovation


The Donsdale property was an extensive renovation done by Vicky’s Homes. This large bungalow in a gated community was looking dated and lacked any kind of smart home infrastructure. The client already had a top of the line Crestron system in their Scottsdale home but found it too extensive and not user friendly. They requested that we focus on the essentials: security, networking and an easy to use TV watching experience.

Wireless Connectivity

Because we had a limited ability to get wires wherever we wanted like we do in a new build, we decided that a system that could be connected wirelessly would be best so we chose Nest for security, Sonos for audio and Sony televisions with Android Tv built in.

TV locations each received a basic rough in of cat6 and coax as well as the Versabox, from Strong, so that cable boxes and power centers could be concealed behind the televisions. This way there would be no need for equipment stands and the rooms could have a clean minimalist finish. We selected Sony’s awesome X900F series televisions for all rooms so that the look and operation would be consistent throughout the home.

Television with a Twist

A Sony TV above a floating shelf.

In the main TV watching room we installed a Sony XBR65X900F television with a Sonos Playbar. In order to keep the TVs looking as sharp as the rest of the house, we finished it off with a custom-built case from Leon that housed the Playbar. The Tonecase is an excellent upgrade to any Playbar install. Leon custom builds a case to match the exact size of your TV. They even notch the grill to accommodate any little dips in the bezel or other details. The client was very pleased with the overall look and performance of this high-end finish.

A Glossy Dining Room TV Experience

In the dining room we installed Sony’s XBR55X900F and it looked amazing on high gloss panels from Towne and Countree Kitchens. We added a Sonos One speaker to the kitchen for ambient music. It’s modern white appearance looked right at home with the rest of the clean white cabinets.

Whole House Experience

This whole house received the executive treatment. The master bedroom and office each got a Sony XBR49X900F TV. The master bedroom had a custom built alcove to keep the TV flush to the wall.

Media Room Mastery

In the basement’s media room we installed the XBR75X900F with another Sonos Playbar. This was a 75” TV, and due to it’s large size we had to use the Tonecase OS which is a bit more costly but made to accommodate this gorgeous television. This room is now perfect for them to watch any of their favourite Netflix shows.

Feeling Safe and Secure in their Nest

Security and comfort were handled by Nest with an extensive package that included 4 Nest Cam IQ outdoor cameras, a Nest Hello video doorbell, Nest X Yale lock, Nest 3rd gen Thermostat and Nest Protect CO and smoke detectors. This Nest package allowed the client to monitor their home from Scottsdale and setup access for cleaners and contractors that might need temporary access to the home.

The whole package worked great with the Android TVs. This allowed the client to view any of the cameras on any TV by opening the Nest app on the TV or asking the built-in Google assistant to show them the camera they wanted to see.

Nest Protects, the smoke and CO detector, has the ability to turn off the alarm from a phone, which is much easier than waving a towel at it. It is also a nightlight triggered by motion. It also communicates with the Nest thermostat to shut off the forced air and furnace whenever smoke or CO is detected.

In order to match the black trim on the outside of the house we fitted all cameras which are normally white with black silicon skins so that they would not clash with the character of the home.

Wifi, Wifi Everywhere

Normally on new builds we would wire and install a wireless access point, however because this wasn’t an option on this reno, we opted for the excellent Google Wifi mesh system. By strategically placing access points throughout the home we were able to create a wireless network that was stable with great coverage. This was of particular importance because of the wifi cameras that were installed. The network was completed with an Araknis compact switch installed in a Wirepath one enclosure in the mechanical room. We love this dual layer structured wiring enclosure because it allows us to keep what is normally a mess of wires left by the ISP and cable company neat and organized for easy service.

An easy home to live in

The beauty of this install was its simplicity. We were able to use many of the features built in to the product we installed so that we could provide a whole-home automation feel without installing a home automation system. This project truly helped our customer connect to a better lifestyle within their home, and we are sure they are going to enjoy every minute of it.

Check out our design build process to see how we got the ball rolling on this job.

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