Effect Home Builders Renovation


Life after a fire

After a fire gutted this bungalow, Effect Home Builders called us in to assist in their renovation. We are huge fans of Effect Home Builders. They are the experts when it comes to green homes. They design homes that are perfectly suited to your lifestyle, while being environmentally sustainable far into your future. This home has it all, including new and improved multi-room audio and super fast internet.

Not all was lost

Luckily, the homeowner’s Sonos ZP-100 amplifiers managed to survive the fire. This is a true a testimony to how well built Sonos products are! We decided to reuse them and add a new Sonos Amp to the two TV locations.

Sound all around

We used Origin Acoustics Composer Series in-ceiling speakers for multi-room audio. This included the office, kitchen, master bedroom, great, family and rec room. Origin Acoustics OS5 outdoor speakers are used for the rooftop patio and back deck. 

Fitting right in

For the TV locations, we concealed the components with in-wall cabinets and ultra slim mounts. This kept everything hidden and the TVs tight to the wall.

Forever Fortnite — Or until mom and dad say no

With two Fortnite obsessed pre-teen boys it was vital to have the fastest most stable internet possible. Installing a pair or Araknis access points and Araknis router allowed us to achieve that goal. A bonus feature was the OVRC app that comes with the system. It allows mom and dad to schedule wifi “time-outs” with the push of a button for specific devices on the network.

All the components were located to an open rack in a closet downstairs with the wires and components labeled and organized for easy service.

Happiness all around

We are happy to say that the system installed is running just as we’d planned. The whole family is happy from top to bottom, and the boy’s Fortnite games have never been better. Thanks for the great project guys!