Security at your fingertips

Keep your home and your loved ones safe

We supply and install security features like video doorbells, home cameras, smart door locks and motion sensors—all accessible from your smartphone so you can monitor your home while you’re out. Protect your home before a negative situation occurs. Security features include:

  • 24/7 remote access – like video surveillance, motion sensors and real-time notifications
  • Notifications to let you know if there are any open doors and windows
  • Remote door locking—for those days when you’re so busy you can’t remember if you’ve locked up or not
  • Remote door unlocking—give your plumber or pet sitter access to your home from your mobile device without having to worry about leaving a spare key

No internet? No problem.

Monitor your property from anywhere, 24/7


Not everyone lives in an area that has reliable internet that can be used efficiently for streaming security. We have a solution for thatICRealtime. Even in remote areas, as long as you have somewhat reliable LTE, we can set you up with a security system that you can monitor from anywhere. Check on your property, your livestock, your livelihood.

Installed anywhere

We have you covered

Get peace of mind at your home, place of business, or anywhere else.

Always on

Safety everywhere

Amazing day/night resolution to keep an eye on what matters to you most.

A new way of searching surveillance footage

Using the most advanced machine learning algorithms, ella is able to identify the most important events that were recorded. Search for “red truck”, or “Fedex”, and instantly see the video clips. You no longer need to search through hours and hours of footage. It’s that easy.

lutron full home automation

Going on a vacation? Use lighting as another layer of security.

By automating your indoor and outdoor lighting, it will look as if you’re home, even if you’re in Maui. Check out what we can do with lighting here.