Smart lighting to light up your life

Get lit


Smart lighting can make daily life easier. Imagine arriving home at night with your porch lit, and then your hallway lights automatically turn on so you don’t stub your toe in the dark. It’s a beautiful thing. Our smart lighting solutions by Lutron will allow you to:

  • Reduce the amount of “wall acne” with customizable, modern keypads
  • Put lights and shades on schedules that save energy by adjusting lighting levels based on sunlight, time of day and seasonal changes
  • Turn off your home lights from your bed or the car
  • Turn your home on vacation mode so it looks occupied while you’re gone
  • Save energy and bulb life with lights that turn on and off gently
  • Add dynamic colour changing lights throughout your home

Endless possibilities with keypads and dimmers

Set the scene with a customizable keypad.
Keep it simple and beautiful with a backlit dimmer.
Match or compliment your wall colour with a modern keypad.
Keypads are available in a wide range of colours, including Terracotta.

Avoid wall acne by using simple keypads and dimmers.

Your walls will thank you.

A headboard with swag

Every teenage girl's dream

We installed custom lighting behind this headboard to wow our young client – and her friends!

We also do motorized shades.

No more cords. No more hassle. Streamline your natural lighting with motorized shades.