Every day, the world we live in is becoming more connected


And that’s a good thing. On top of increased convenience and accessibility, technology today can integrate seamlessly with your lifestyle and habits. So whether you want increased security or a space to entertain friends and family, a robust, stable network is your gateway to controlling your whole home from anywhere in the world. One button on your phone or tablet can play your favourite music or adjust any room to the perfect temperature before you arrive home.

Motorized Shades

Services / Shades

Motorized shades can make your life just a bit more simple. These whisper quiet Lutron motorized shades can open as the sun rises, and close as the sun falls, creating just the right amount of light in your home at any time of day.

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Smart Lighting

Lighting / Services

Smart lighting can make daily life easier. Imagine arriving home at night with your porch lit, and then turning on the hallway lights so you don’t stub your toe when you walk in. It’s a beautiful thing.

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Comfort & Climate

Comfort & Climate / Services

However hot (or cold) you run, smart heating and cooling is energy efficient—saving you money with occupancy sensing technology and scheduling options.

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Entertainment / Services

A lot of life happens inside your home. Which is why Boreal is about so much more than security and convenience. Our entertainment services involves everything from setting you up with an epic theatre room, to televisions where you need them most, to music throughout your home.

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Networking / Services

No one likes dead spots. They’re inconvenient, frustrating and make you wonder why you’re even paying for internet. We will ensure you get full bars from the basement to the top floor, regardless of what you’re playing, downloading or streaming.

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Security / Services

We install security features like video doorbells, home cameras, smart door locks and motion sensors—all accessible from your smartphone so you can monitor your home while you’re out.

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