Cows & Calves • A Farm Surveillance System


When it’s your job to keep an eye on 300 pregnant gals, weighing in at 1400 pounds apiece, it’s a lot of work. With calves being born 24/7, the ranchers on this project were looking for a more efficient way to check on their herd. Typically one of them would sleep on a couch in the barn for portions of the night so they could quickly pop out to check on the moms-to-be. One of the ranchers told us that last year during calving season, he might have slept in his own bed a maximum of three hours a night! That lack of sleep can really run a guy down. A farm surveillance system was just what the cow doctor ordered.

The solution we devised is an ICRealtime NVR and camera system. It comes in the ICEbox weatherproof enclosure and is compiled of all the necessary components. IC Realtime’s ICE Box NEMA series recorders are an all-in-one weatherproof solution. The NEMA series consists of a full real-time Pentaplex recorder with internet accessibility, power distribution for the cameras and 120V AC outlets.

We used a Cradlepoint ruggedized internet router to create a standalone high speed connection to the internet. This allowed these cowboys to check on their heifers from any smartphone, tablet or computer anywhere in the world.

The farm doesn’t have the best cellular reception. So, we mounted an antenna facing the nearest cell tower to boost the signal.

When I called to check up on them, they told me that the farm surveillance system had saved a calf’s life the same night I had put it in! The system has already basically paid for itself. How’s that for a success story?

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